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New to Riding Metro?



Follow these simple steps, and you'll be riding like a pro in no time!

Plan your trip

  • Use Metro's Trip Planner at ometro.com to map your journey or cal customer service for assistance
  • 402.341.0800
  • Pro Tip: Plan your return trip before you go!
Find your bus stop
  • Arrive 3 - 5 minutes early to account for traffic
  • double-check the route number and direction on the LED signage when your bus arrives
  • Pro Tip: Your bike rides for free! All Metro buses have a bike rack
Pay your fare
  • Buy a pass beforehand or pay cash on board
  • Regular fare: $1.25 / Express fare: $1.50 / Transfer: $0.25
  • Pro Tip: Don't have exact change? No problem! The farebox will issue a Metro Value Card with the remaining balance
Get on your way!
  • About a block before your stop, pull the cord or press the yellow strip to signal the operator
  • When exiting the bus, make sure to take all your belongings
  • Pro Tip: Exit from the rear door if other riders are getting on at the front; that keeps us moving faster!


Maps & Schedules
For more details about riding Metro, visit ometro.com




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