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Mission: To support, preserve, create and enhance a clean, green, safe and active, competitive and thriving Downtown Omaha that attracts and retains businesses, employees, residents and visitors.

2018 - 2019 Annual Report (Click here)

The Omaha Downtown Improvement District Association (ODID) was established by City Ordinance 6874 in 2007. The ODID Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer elected representatives from the various constituencies within the District: businesses, residents, and property owners all have seats.

ODID District Boundries (Click here)

The vision of the association is to create a more inviting and attractive Downtown region for residents, businesses, property owners, visitors, and investors by developing projects that reflect the needs and desires of the District. Improvement activities includes beautification and litter removal, economic development programs, safety and security enhancements, advocacy, and activation.

The ODID staff includes the Clean & Green Team that maintains clean and beautiful public spaces; the Downtown Ambassadors who provide friendly assistance to visitors and residents; a privately contracted security team that operates in the evenings and on weekends; and an advocacy program that focuses on everything from working with residents to assisting businesses in day to day needs. The association is also involved in local events and activities produced for the public, and sponsors several regular activation programs such as outdoor exercise classes, art walks, and outdoor music concerts.

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Historical Impact 2007 - 2017

Ten Years of Sucessful Service to Downtown Omaha


  • Facilitated Public Meetings on Downtown Issues
  • Legislative Support on Downtown Related Issues
  • Solutions to Disputes between Constituents
  • Providing input to the crafting of city ordinances impacting the Downtown

Business Support & Activation

  • Welcome Ambassador Program
  • Outdoor Exercise Classes at Riverfront and in the Gene Leahy Mall
  • Food Truck Rallies
  • Downtown Brand Development
  • City Council Meeting Presence
  • Old Market Business Association
  • Downtown Omaha Inc.
  • Subsidized Group Advertisements


  • ODID Website Upkeep
  • Major News Pushes
  • Seasonal Mailed Newsletters
  • Major Downtown Event Promotion
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media – ODID, Downtown Omaha, & Old Market
  • Yearly Stakeholder Meetings & Survey
  • Weekly Events Calendar Eblast
  • Annual Report

Long-Term Strategizing

  • Downtown Master Plan
  • 16th Street Renovation
  • Transportation Alternative Analysis
    • BRT
    • Downtown Circulator
    • Bike Lanes
  • DID Strategic Planning
  • Downtown Parking Study
  • Gene Leahy Mall Improvements
    • Playground
    • 11 Street Bridge
  • Deeper Community Involvement
  • Riverfront Revitalization
  • District Boundary Expansion
  • Coordinating with other Core Neighborhood Districts

Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Daily Litter Control
  • Minor Maintenance and Painting
  • Sidewalk Powerwash Cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Trash Consolidation
  • Recycling Opportunities
  • Alley Repairs and Cleanup
  • Minor Constituent Issues
  • Liaison to Public Works and City Planning

Safety & Security

  • Increased Security Patrols
  • Information Sharing
  • Public Crime Prevention Residential Forums
  • Hospitality Safety Forums
  • Homeless Day Shelter Support
  • Security Camera Installation Projects
  • Improved Omaha Police Department Relations
  • Improved Omaha Fire Department Relations


  • Over 100 Trees Planted
  • Arboretum Designation
  • New Design Standards
  • Annual Flower Program

Pedestrian Amenities

  • Take A Seat! Public Art
  • Pedestrian Recycling
  • Sidewalk Grant Program
  • Artistic Bike Racks
  • Pedestrian & Vehicular Wayfinding





























Holly Barrett
Executive Director
Major City Projects & Economic Development

Christina Randall
Communications & Development Director
Activities, events, grants, and public outreach
Newsletter, social media and website updates

Jake Rynes 
Maintance Supervisor
Landscape and street cleaning

Colin Wynn 

Mike Schon

Mark Christensen
Clean Team

Alan Nogg
Ambassador Supervisor

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