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Downtown Omaha Resources

Important Numbers to Know!

Alley Maintance 402-444-4919

Broken Street Light 1-800-554-6773

Broken Traffic Signal 402-444-5160

City Vehicle Impound Lot 402-444-5782

Code Enforcement 402-444-5150 #3

Crime in Progress or Emergency 911

Gas Leaks, Water Line Breaks,
or Fire Hydrants 402-504-7777

Pot Holes & Curb Repair 402-444-5555

Rats, Raw Garbage & Health Issues 402-444-7481

Report Graffiti 402-444-5555

Tree Limbs 402-444-5925

Sewer Problems 402-444-5332

Sidewalks Broken/Obstructed 402-444-5280

Street Construction Problems/Complaints 402-444-5109

Extented List of Resource City Numbers

Mayor's Hotline 402-444-5555
Email hotline@cityofomaha.org

Report graffiti, potholes, abandoned vhicles, weeds & litter or other issues so the City can respond quickly.


 Find out more about Omaha Rapid Bus Transit (ORBT) coming in 2020!

Find Out Where to Park in Downtown


ODID Advocacy Resources

Resources for Homelessness
MACCH Street Outreach 

ODID Security Resources

Business Safety Planning Tips

Recommended Security Firms

Old Market Security Patrols

Omaha Police Department Presentation at Business Security Forum




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Find Out Where to Park in Downtown!